How to Apply

You do the application and enrol in your course/s and we'll take care of the rest - it's that simple!

Please follow the steps below when applying and enrolling:

  1. Check your course/program requirements at your Home University to ensure you are permitted to undertake language study. 
  2. Choose your language. If unsure of which stream to commence in, contact the relevant School at your Host University - Griffith or UQ - for advice.
  3. To determine the appropriate course and language level at UQ, please check the placement interview information on the School of Languages and Cultures website
  4. Submit an application through the BULA website for cross enrolment for each course/subject you would like to enrol in.
  5. Your application needs to be approved by both your Home University and the Host University.
  6. Once your application has been approved you will receive an admission offer notice from the Host University.
  7. You will receive a username and password from the Host University if you are a new student.
  8. Enrol in your language subjects via the Host University’s on-line enrolment system by the Host University’s due date. 
    If Griffith is your Host University, you will enrol directly into your preferred classes at the time of enrolment.  If UQ is your Host University, you will be required to sign on/allocate yourself to classes via mySI-net.  Sign on generally opens a couple of weeks prior to commencement of classes.
  9. Pay your fees.  Information regarding fee payment will be provided by the Host University.
  10. Obtain a Student ID card at the Host University so that you can access their resources (e.g. borrow library books).

Some courses (usually in summer semester) are taught in intensive teaching periods which have different key dates to the standard semester. Please ensure you check the course profile carefully to see if the course you wish to apply for is taught in an intensive teaching period.  If it is a UQ course the teaching period will be recorded in the semester section of the course profile. The key dates for teaching periods at UQ can be found here. If it is a Griffith course the course title will say ‘intensive’. The key dates for intensive courses at Griffith University can be viewed in the course profile.

Your Home University is the university at which you’re enrolled in a degree program.

Your Host University is the university at which you enrol to study a language course/subject.

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