Will I get a grade for my cross-institutional study at my home university?

Griffith students: You will receive a grade on your Griffith academic record if you have received a pass grade or higher.  Please note that fail grades are not recorded on your Griffith academic record.

QUT students: Students who successfully complete their language cross institutional enrolment at UQ or Griffith (grade of 4 or above) will be awarded advanced standing (credit/exemption) on their academic record at QUT including the grade achieved in the language unit. The grade awarded for the language unit at UQ or Griffith will appear on your QUT academic record and will contribute to your course GPA.  Note: Students who do not successfully complete their language enrolment (grade below 4), will not be awarded an exemption at QUT and the grade will not be reflected on your QUT academic record.

UQ students: You will get credit with a grade and the grade will count towards your semester GPA but not towards your overall GPA.