I am a QUT student. How do I apply?

To apply for cross institutional enrolment, please complete the online application form available on this website after you have ensured your QUT study plan is up to date and includes your intended language unit codes.

For more on the BULA cross-enrolment process for QUT students, click here.

Note: You must submit an application for each subject you are wishing to undertake during the academic year. Your enrolment does not automatically continue from semester to semester. Example: If you are intending to enrol in both FREN1010 (sem 1) and FREN1020 (sem 2), you must submit an application for enrolment in FREN1010 and a separate application for FREN1020. Once your application has been approved by both QUT and the host university, the host university will write to you with further details to enable you to enrol in the course (subject) in the host university’s on-line enrolment system.

Note: Students wishing to study Mandarin subjects offered by QUT are not required to apply for cross-institutional enrolment and should enrol through their Study Plan in eStudent (accessible via QUT Virtual).